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Swapbot - Swapbot

This post is for the Swapbot pictures swap. As with a similar name swap this one asks for a picture to represent each letter of the word swapbot. I had a hard time narrowing it down to one picture, so i actually have two sets. All the pictures were taken on our Disneyland trip, either at Disneyland or at California Adventure.

S : Sally is a character from the show "Nightmare before Christmas" , this is my daughter's favorite show. She is fasinated with Jack and Sally. She even uses Sally as a nickmane since she's Ali. The really cute thing is that I also have a similar picture taken in teh same spot 7 years before on our last trip to disneyland. She was in love with it back then too.

W : Whale. This is the whale from the Storybook Land ride. You sit on a boat and actually enter his mouth.

A:   Alice from Alice in Wonderland, This is from our recent trip but i still remember the 2003 trip when my daughter told Alice that she was just like her cause her name was Alicen just like Alicen Wonderland, was really cute. She trully thought Alice had the first name of Alicen and her last name was Wonderland.

P : Pluto....everybody loves him

B: Bull.... this was over at California Adventure by the It's a Bugs life area

O : Mickey's Fun Wheel is shaped like a big O. I origionally wanted to post a picture of the old Orange Stinger ride but my picture from 2003 trip was blurry and this trip the ride has been changed so it no longer looks like a big orange.

T:  Toontown sign...took about 5 tries to get the picture to turn out right. The sun kept going behind a cloud. The teenagers thought they were too old for toontown but that didnt stop them from riding the rollercoaster and making me wait 1 1/2 hours in line for the roger rabbit cartoon spin ride (so not worth it).

That was my first set..............and now i begin again.

S: Snow White

W: Wishing Well (between Mickey & Minnie's houses)

A : The letter A from the word California outside California Adventure park.

P : Peter Pan

B: Boat belonging to Donald Duck in toontown

O: The wheel on the backside of the Grizzly River rapids is shapped like an O....wonderful water ride but usually a long line, recommend using the fastpass or visiting as soon as the park opens

T: Tigger


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I'm loving all the pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

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