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Swapbot - Name

This entry is to post photos for the Name swap. The task was to pick a picture to represent each letter of your name. here are mine. The are all from our recent family trip to southern california.

A   :    This is obviously for the letter A. It was taken on our recent trip to Disneyland. It's right in front of California Adventure.

N    :   This is Norman Bates. It was taken on our tour of Universal Studios. They had the whole Bates Motel set up and this guy comes out and is walking towards the tram with the knife. Totally freaked my kids out...i loved it.

G    : It's Goofy....This is from the Celebrate parade. We were visiting the area for a week and a half so we managed to see the parade several times.

I     :  It's a small world...... hopefully this hasn't gotten the song stuck in your head. My daughter loved the ride but i think only because it drove her brother nuts.

I hope you have enjoyed meeting    A   N    G   I



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